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Discover what is waiting to emerge as you aspire toward the fulfillment of your potential.

Practical Guidanceā„¢ is a personal one-hour recorded session with me that addresses the scope of your potential, along with details of how to develop them. You are invited to bring your questions with you.

Evolving from more than thirty years of experience as an executive coach and entrepreneur mentor, a business consultant and college instructor, the process of Practical Guidance has emerged. Combining traditional coaching skills and mentoring techniques with that of advanced graduate research in the use of intuitive consciousness among organizational managers, I am able to access energy of higher knowing. It is this quality of higher guidance I share with you.

Practical Guidance offers the opportunity to receive information for specific actions to be taken in a step-by-step process over time for your continued career advancement. Your recorded session will act as reference for on-going success.

Contact us for further information or to book your appointment.


carol hallyn

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