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career charting

Scenario 1: Rob graduated college, got married, had a family, all the while advancing in his career. Then he experienced the loss of his job and father, while his wife went back to work and advanced in her career. Rob is now looking for what may be his next career steps.

career charting

Scenario 2: Lisa got her first job out of high school, advanced a bit, went back to school, got married, then divorced, and continued on with her education while advancing in her career. She’s now facing the development of her own business.

If both Rob and Lisa look at the underlying causes that prompted them to move forward in the career development by taking a closer look at the thinking and feelings in the moments of decision-making for each step along the way, they would most likely have a stronger sense of what their drivers were. What their attitude was that propelled them to move forward as they did. What prompted them to choose the specific interests that drew their attention?

From viewing his own timeline charting, perhaps Rob will remember how he felt supported by his family and followed what he thought was expected of him to earn a living and start his own family. Perhaps Lisa will recall her lack of support and how she felt compelled to survive on her own. Whatever their individual situation was they might now be in a position to address their life turns in a more conscious way. Maybe Rob has a secret desire to support the development of a non-profit with his transferable managerial skills, yet is concerned about earning less money than he did in the past. It is possible that Lisa never took a business course and/or a sales course and may just enjoy the creative parts of her work feeling a bit intimidated when it comes to new client development.

Each of them is now faced with decisions that will affect both their personal growth, as it will reflect upon their professional development. What does your timechart look like? What does it tell you?

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