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"Thank you for the difference you have made in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support, your help in opening myself up to think bigger, and your delightful way of challenging me. I have so much appreciation for your thoughtfulness, your interest in going deeper and deeper within, and your ability to make me realize my own potential and possibilities."
B.F., European Marketing Manager & Life Coach

"Thank you so much for the detailed response about the structure of this business relationship. It is very clear, precious and practical. I really appreciate your energy and guidance. Very wise!"
A. T., Spiritual Vocalist

"Your energy, no nonsense approach, and guidance are so valued. Thank you."
J. S., V. P. of Engineering

"You asked me a number of questions about myself, and then in the moment reflected back on my responses providing me with feedback. I appreciate how you could be both present in the moment and intuitively reflective. Your guidance has opened doors for me. My deepest thanks."
M. K., Editor and Organizational Consultant

"I recently set my intentions to allow a mentor to enter my life and help me with my business … and now our conversation. WOW!"
V. F., Organizational Business Consultant

"Thank you for teaching me more about myself and for helping clarify the steps within my path. I left you feeling renewed. It was like a retreat time. Very energizing to me."
I. S., Psychology Assistant

"I am grateful to have you in my life. You are there to provide the best next step, the right book for a given situation, terrific people to contact, and always the most helpful resources available. Thank you, always."
L. Z., Entrepreneur

"It has been a privilege to work with you during a pivotal time in my personal and professional life. You were invaluable in pointing me in the right directions of concretely exploring possibilities to discover what I was called to do. Then gently helped me correct my course when I wandered. I really appreciate your ability to live in two worlds simultaneously – the world of infinite possibilities, and the nitty-gritty world of earning money to support oneself. As a result, I found a path that excites me, and was able to launch into the training needed with a sense of confidence that I am on the right track."
L. O., Teacher of English as a Second Language

"I'll never forget your coaching. It played a significant part in my success. Thanks again."
M. P., Public Speaker

"It was magical to spend time with you. The whole experience is a divine trance. I thank you deeply for the deep resonance, encouragement and support that you generously pour out from your soul."
A. A., Spiritual Leader


carol hallyn

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